Murdoc has left the building

I will be travelling and away from the information superhighway until Monday.

In the meantime, here are the links in my sidebar. You probably read some of them already. They all post great stuff everyday. If you don’t regularly read one of them, check it out.

The Command Post
Strategy Page
Intel Dump
USS Clueless
Defense Tech
Sgt. Stryker
Winds of Change
Hell in a Handbasket
One Hand Clapping
Hobbs Online
Master of None
Darren Kaplan
Oscar Jr.
All Agitprop
Being American in TO
Tongue Tied
Airborne Combat Engineer
Andrew Olmsted
Enter Stage Right
You Big Mouth, You
Stryker Brigade News

And check a group blog called WatchBlog. It consists of three side-by-side colums, one each for Left, Center, and Right leaning politics. It’s worth a look.

Have a good weekend.