UPDATE: California Open Carry Ban

The version of California’s AB1934 which the California Senate passed last night was amended and had to go back to the state Assembly, which had passed the original version some time back. But the amended version of the bill failed.

Some news organizations reported that the bill was now on the way to the governor, either because they were unaware that it had to be re-passed by the Assembly or because they assumed it would be re-passed by the Assembly based on its earlier passage.

I’ll admit that I had seen it had to go back to the Assembly but assumed it had passed because the report I was reading stated it was on the way to the governor. Murdoc should have known better than to trust anything he read.

So the ban on open carrying of unloaded guns in California is apparently dead. This is a near-term victory for gun rights and, given the state of things in Cali, probably a very good thing.

UPDATE: Apparently they just ran out of time.