Cheney VP

Change in GOP Running Mate Seems Unlikely

Instapundit points out a Yahoo! News story from the AP that claims Dick Cheney will be Bush’s running mate this fall. Many think someone else would be improve Bush’s chances.

[Rep. Rob] Portman, actively involved in the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, said such speculation “is not based on proper analysis of what a vice president brings to the ticket.”


Tom Rath, Republican national committeeman from New Hampshire, insisted, “This election is not about the vice presidential candidate.”

Although I think that Bush will almost certainly win handily regardless of who his running mate is, I believe that he will look better, and probably reach some Americans who are skeptical of the big-business connections in the White House, if someone other than Cheney is on the ticket.

Glenn Reynolds thinks Condi Rice might be worth a look. I agree, although I personally feel that Colin Powell might be better now, especially if Rice would slide into the Secretary of State (or Secretary of Defense) slot.

Powell would be very electable in 2008. I think the generally poor performance of the State Department has been mostly because they’ve been a tough spot over the past couple of years, not because they’ve dropped the ball. We have adopted a course of action that is very unpopular overseas, and that really handcuffs our diplomats.

Powell would add what many would consider some legitimacy to the 2004 Republican ticket, and I believe that he would increase the amount of respect that our administration gets from other nations.

Although I don’t think the 2008 election should determine who runs in 2004, Conservatives should not be forgetting that junior Senator from New York.