Friday Linkzookery – 17 Sep 2010

Taliban promises Afghan polling station attacks
Really, this is a sort of fill-in-the-blank kind of headline. As in: Taliban promises [insert something here] attacks.

Quarter of senior Taliban killed by SAS in ‘kill or capture’ targeting
The Taliban in Helmand are being killed by the SAS on an “industrial scale” with a quarter of senior commanders killed since spring, leading to a dramatic drop in British casualties.

Raytheon Scores Second JAGM Success
Raytheon’s Joint Air to Ground Missile kills a T-72 and pulls ahead of Lockheed’s offering.

Venezuela on the Brink
They have 31 percent inflation SO FAR THIS YEAR.

Egyptian paper doctors photo of Mubarak and Obama
Moved Mubarak to the head of the pack in a White House meeting.

It’s time for the light bulb to go on
Murdoc will admit that he hadn’t seen that the incandescent bulb ban had passed here.

Rapid fire video of Chiappa Rhino Revolver
Looks good.

Rogue Marines Adopt Cheap And Precise Solution
Using some AKWS II kits to turn 70mm unguided rockets into laser guided rockets.

Majority of Iraqis Oppose Obama’s Withdrawal
What happened? The surge is what happened. Contrary to what opponents of the surge said, the increased presence and aggressiveness of U.S. forces did not trigger a popular backlash because security visibly improved. The increased exposure to American forces likely also led to a certain degree of affection and respect as the anti-American myths were busted by reality.

Man sentenced for unlawfully wearing medals
Douglas Lee Weaver has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for unlawfully wearing military medals — the second in a week to go to prison for donning unearned honors — and for being a felon in possession of a gun.

Kicked out of K2
Rundown of the history and analysis of America’s use of Uzbekistan’s Karshi-Khanabad (K2) Air Base.

Orbital Pushes ‘Cheap’ Taurus Rocket
Trying to land a few medium-lift jobs with the Taurus II launch vehicle.

Another Update on Korean Rifles
Hundreds of thousands of M1 Carbines and M1 Garands will probably be destroyed by South Korea because the Obama administration is blocking their sale in the US.

Pratt Ripostes GE’s Thrust Parry
The battle between the two F-35 engines continues.

Rare Nazi bomber found in Great Britain
A twin-engined Dornier 17 was found buried in a sandbank about 50 feet underwater.


  1. RE the Iraqis wanting American troops to remain:

    Will they pay for them to remain, or will we have to keep pissing away our money? I thought this whole operation was only going to cost a measly $50 billion and Iraqi oil was going to pay for much of it.

    I expect the Iraqis wanting the US troops to remain on our dime are similar to other folks like the Albanians and Bosnians who want our troops providing free defense.

    1. No doubt. And if things actually do develop more or less like we’re hoping, someday we’ll reach a point where the US troop presence is a economic benefit that they don’t want to see leave. They’ll protest and write nasty editorials and politicians will carry on…until we talk about actually pulling everyone out and then suddenly we’ll be the bad guys for wrecking the economics of the places we’ve got guys stationed.

      But I guess I can think of a lot worse situations to be in, too.

  2. “The Taliban in Helmand are being killed by the SAS on an “industrial scale” with a quarter of senior commanders killed since spring”

    Those special Air service and Special Boat Service people are some mean, efficient and dedicated killing dudes.

    OOH RAH Brits!

    1. I admire the British and believe they could be the best military in the world man for man. But the introduction to that article is a little misleading. Killing 65 taliban leaders is not ‘industrial scale’ They say IEDs and casualties are down which is good, but this is nowhere near enough to defeat a group with a huge population base. Almost 20,000 Brits were killed on July 1, 1916 alone. I’d say that’s industrial scale. If we inflicted casualties on muslims like we did on Christians in the 20th century, we’d probably not be in our 9th year in A-stan.

  3. shame about the rifles in korea. I would love to have a Garand. Even if it was a just deactivated over the mantlepiece thing. They are kinda pricey for me right now.

  4. Don’t worry Sam-hec,

    When Pres. Obama gives all us working class folks our income tax cut you’ll be able to afford one.

  5. Hey! I’m no Bushman, but wasn’t it the last President (missing him yet, how’s that hopey changey thing going?) who implemented the across the board reduction in income tax rates. Now, if the Obamanation wants to extend them, and take credit for that, I say give credit where credit is due (which apparently includes numerous large financial institutions, at least two car companies, Gov Employee Unions, the UAW, and a host of other worthy organisations or businesses who deserve your money more than you do).

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