Four Months = 1 Year

Wear and Tear

Air Force Magazine on the effects that weather and other environmental conditions are having on deployed aircraft. With such a small number of planes in the fleet and so many of them having spent so much time in the war zone, they’re aging very quickly.


  1. Hell, it’s not just the AF, when I was in Iraq last year, the FOB I was stationed at had an Army Maintenance shop that serviced everything from quad side by side utility ATVs, through Hummers, on up to stuff as big as M109 Paladin SPAs. I had a number of conversations with troops from the shop, from PFCs up to the Captain. Everyone had been on multiple deployments, and so had the vehicles, or in some cases, the vehicles had been in theater for years. The guys told me everything they worked on was suffering from premature age, due to constant use.

    I don’t know how we’re going to replace all that gear, let alone replace it with new improved varients (the mythical Future Combat System family of vehicles) with the way the economy is, and certain governmental elements hell bent on spending us and our grandkids into true ruin.

  2. On the bright side we probably won’t engage in a foolish foreign occupation for quite some time. I’d have preferred we came to this conclusion through logic and not bankruptcy though.

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