In the interests of diversity


Clearly, we need federal legislation forcing schools like Harvard to offer R.O.T.C. on pain of being shut down or defunded.


  1. Actually I’m untroubled with Harvard not allowing ROTC recruitment. We have more than enough military lawyers (Joe Biden Jr’s) running around receiving heroic press reports. We need soldiers not lawyers. I’ve never met a military lawyer I didn’t have the instinctive urge to spit on.

  2. I don’t think they should be forced to offer it, but if they don’t then the bit about withholding any federal funding should be enforced immediately and aggressively. Kind of one of those instances wherein “we cannot make you do something, but we can make you wish you had”.

  3. “we cannot make you do something, but we can make you wish you had”.

    Kinda like the way the Obama gang is enforcing the immigration laws on the Mexican border. USMC Steve?

  4. I don’t think the federal government should be showering any schools with cash. How about spending my money the same way I do – carefully?

  5. The original justification for founding and funding those colleges with Federal money was to provide officers for wartime. If that is no longer required or they do not wish to provide officer prerequisite training, then they should not be taking Federal money…

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