‘Barack Obama will soon dip below a 40% approval rating’

Victor Davis Hanson:

Bush was stoic and philosophical at 38% after six years; the aggrieved Obamas will not be after two.

Murdoc had low expectations about the policy and leadership of Obama, but the way that even the appearances seem to be falling apart is surprising.

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  1. It’s worth noting that Bush II did not start off with any where near a massive economic downturn via the previous administration. It is in fact the opposite situation. Clinton left a budget surplus and a reasonable economy; things went downhill from there. Now things will likely get better despite obstructionism from the other party, and they won’t get the credit.

    1. If I’am (God Forbid) in a accident. Its not the emergency room Doctors fault. What I can hold him responsible for is his lack of professionalism and incompetents.

    2. The Dems have super majorities in both houses and have the oval office. Except for the filibuster, which Democrats didn’t seem to mind when they were using it to fight Bushiter policies, there was nothing in their way to doing anything and everything they pleased within the law. Blaming Republican obstructionism for their failures at governing is a huge cop-out.

      Their policies just haven’t been politically popular. Don’t blame the opposing party for taking advantage of that. The rest about eating the blame of a recession you can’t control is true. Though it also didn’t stop Dems from dumping blame on McCain during the 08 election for the financial crisis.

  2. In fairness to the Obamanation, I have to admit it would have been a tough row to hoe no matter who the President was.

    However, compounding the inherted fiscal crisis (take greedy financiers, mix in socialy just driven monentary policy, and add a sprinkling of gold bricking Gov Fianacial Services Regulators) and two wars (if only we’d listened to the leftie anti war crowd and actually stolen all the Iraqi oil, this wouldn’t be so ****** expensive!) with a raft of Socialist driven EXTREME Government makeovers probably wasn’t the optimum economic rescue plan. Just a theory.

    1. Oh, I’m not saying that the current situation is Obama’s making. Though I’m sure he’s taking blame for it like any sitting president does for things that happen while he’s in office.

      I do think that people are waking up to the fact that most of what he said and did was a crock, though.

      1. I disagree. via Politifact.com, Obama’s promises clearly kept far outweigh promises clearly not kept. There is much more to yet do though. (none of which involve gun control thankfully).

        most of that which has failed wrt Obama were our pre-conceived notions of what to expect from him…on both sides. ie he’s a moderate ‘Chicago politician’ who only leans slightly to the left.

        That said there are a good number things he is doing I disagree with.

        1. Maybe moderate ‘Chicago politician’ means “moderate” for “Chicago politicians,” which is a lot different than “moderate politician from Chicago.” Obama probably IS a bit moderate for a Chicago politician.

          That’s still not the same as “only leans slightly to the left,” though.

  3. Sam: President Obamas numbers are dropping not because he has failed to live up to our expectations but because he has failed to fix the problems.As to your characterization of Mr. Obama being a moderate Chicago politician…..well we will have to agree to disagree on that.

    1. Correction, the GOVERNMENT has failed to fix the problems. We can’t objectively put it all on the President’s shoulders. The poll is subjective with the President as a figurehead for the government. The elected Republicans are a part of that Government and are partly responsible for having “failed to fix the problems”. Democrats may be spineless and indecisive, but at least they aren’t sitting on their hands and blocking any kind of mutually agreeable path to recovery.

      I will agree to disagree wrt Obams leanings.

      1. Just as my Lt took credit for what went right as well as wrong.
        President Obama after listing to many economic advisers made his choice to protect his political as well as ideological base those being Unions.If he was prepared to take credit for his actions success I think it is fair to hold him to his failures.P.S. He did not listen to me when I suggested an income tax holiday that would have had an immediate impact of putting money where it needed to be …The consumers pocket. The first thing I would have done would be to pay off debt, then money in the bank with no debt. With no debt and money in the bank I would start to spend.

        1. Good advice, that last bit. It would have been also nicer if Bush era Republicans had not gotten us into so much debt. Then the mantra was, “Defecits don’t matter.” -D. Cheney

          Here we are.

          1. And the response to the irresponsible spending of the Bush era Republicans has been to pick it up a notch or five or ten.

            I’m not really defending the Bush era Republicans, because “duh,” but look at the number and things really took off after the 2006 elections. Seems like the Bush era Democrats had a lot to do with that.

  4. Your right about President Bush, especially during his second term.Now look at what has happened to those “Bush era Republicans”
    They are running for their political life because people are holding them accountable for those votes that where anathema to their views.

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