Traditional Allies to America: Drop Dead

Europe’s antiterror message to US: Sure sucks to be you:

The European Commission has announced that it will negotiate deals to prevent countries like Pakistan from providing travel data to the United States — except when the US already suspects a particular traveler or is otherwise investigating a particular case. In other words, the European Commission wants to bar the kind of wholesale data exchange that’s needed to spot at the border terrorists who have successfully disguised themselves as tourists. And it plans to withhold all European travel reservation data from Pakistan unless the Pakistanis agree to join a data boycott of the United States.

Remarkably, Brussels is pursuing this data boycott despite a solemn promise to the United States that it would not take such action.


Interestingly, the principles wouldn’t prevent Pakistan from giving the same information to European countries. Quite the contrary. The EU’s new principles for negotiation will require such sharing: “Information about terrorism and serious transnational crime resulting from the analysis of PNR data by third countries should be shared with EUROPOL, EUROJUST and EU Member States.”

So, in the current threat, the European Union’s principles would work this way: European countries would get the data from Pakistan that they need to protect themselves from returning terrorists, and the United States, well, the United States wouldn’t.


This is all bad enough. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is that it all violates a promise made in 2007 to not do exactly this in response to a previous attempt to pull similar stunts.

I’ll admit if the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA looked more competent they’d also look more trustworthy with personal data. But if Europe was doing this due to privacy concerns blah blah blah, they’d be demanding that such information not be collected at all. They’re demanding no such thing. In fact, they’re demanding that THEY get that information while also demanding that it NOT be shared with the US.

As Europe is geographically much more at risk from Middle Eastern terrorists than North America is, this could easily be seen as an attempt to make the US a bit easier to strike, relatively speaking. Sort of a shift of the threat in another direction.

Murdoc is having trouble not seeing this as a pretty blatant attempt to side with what the US considers “the other side.” In the absence of real data, there is going to be a tendency to think all Europeans spent time in Pakistan with extremist groups, isn’t there? Is that what the EC wants?

The bad guys want exactly that, of course. But does Europe?


  1. The majority of Europeans are idealistic Socialist morons.

    Their thought processes are sort of like Obama’s. They feel “extending the hand of peace” is the most effective tool in making your enemies love you.

    That’s why I don’t feel the pain when a bomb goes off in a Euroland country (Brits excluded) or one of their citizens gets wacked by the Islamic terrorists.

    Some folks always have to learn the hard way. And sometimes that’s too late!

  2. Murdoc is having trouble not seeing this as a pretty blatant attempt to side with what the US considers “the other side.”

    Well, no. At least, not exactly.

    Remember the 2004 terrorist bombings in Madrid, 3 days before national elections? 191 dead, 1800 wounded. The terrorists said that there would be worse if Spain didn’t get out of Iraq.

    The incumbent center-right party was defeated, and the voters elected an out-and-out Socialist merely because he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq.

    This shocked most Americans, as we would probably have done the opposite. (“Terrorists from another country telling us who to vote for? Let’s elect the guy they hate, and then send in more troops!”)

    But most European countries have adopted the policy of laying low. Let the terrorists go after the US, they’ll leave the Europeans alone. Appeasement, as long as it doesn’t choke them too badly. Since the Americans are the big target, they’ll hunker down and let the wind blow overhead.

    Why do this? Hey, this is a military blog! Can the Europeans actually get into the countries where terrorists hide and train, and dig them out? They’d need an ability to project force beyond their borders to do that.

    So the Europeans aren’t actually providing direct aid for terrorists, and they aren’t tryig to provide sanctuary to terrorists. They aren’t even ignoring those who exclusively target the United States, as it seems that anyone suspected of terrorist actions or ties will come under the scrutiny of the Euro police and security forces.

    Instead, it seems to me that the European Union is trying to make themselves a hard target, while making it easier for the murderers to get into the US without alerting the authorities. The hoped-for result is that word will get around, and terrorists will simply bypass Europe altogether.

    Of course, this is still a vile and cynical policy. One that tramples any goodwill we might have for the bleating, self-absorbed scumbags. But it isn’t outright rooting for the other side.

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