It’s Personal

On Instapundit:

“Here in Minnesota, we are experiencing a remarkable instance of how discreet liberals can be when it comes to a candidate’s personal life. Mark Dayton is running for Governor of this state, and his history of mental illness and substance abuse is hiding in plain sight–he has freely acknowledged these problems to almost-complete strangers, yet Minnesota’s reporters and editors have carefully avoided confusing the voters with information that might not reflect well on a Democrat. Somehow one senses a pattern here.”

Murdoc continues to believe that, for the most part, it’s not a “pattern” pointing toward some big Liberal conspiracy to bias the news coverage. By and large, I think it’s a product of professionals, particularly those in positions of power, of holding personal biases which cannot help but make it into the decision making about what doesn’t get covered, what does, and how it does.

Murdoc wouldn’t pretend for a moment that he’s some “fair and balanced” unbiased guy who presents things evenly and without personal opinions entering into the decisions about what to write about and how to write it. For instance, if the story on Instapundit was about a Republican politician with a shady background being covered for by the media, it’s far less likely that MO would have noted it. (Though, for the record, Murdoc’s personal bias against the news media means that they’re all in season all year round…)

Publishers, editors, and writers in the news reporting media all hold great sway over the American public. That sway has been reduced lately, but it’s still significant. When such a large percentage of those in those positions all have similar political leanings, the editorial meetings are probably quite often an echo chamber. And with relatively few options for Conservative-leaning types in the industry, a lot of them end up in the same few organizations…which then end up sounding like echo chambers on the other end of the spectrum.

Speaking of Minnesota, Murdoc knows a guy running for state rep for Fridley (District 51B). Stop by Dale Helm’s campaign page and check it out if you live in the area. Though we’ve only recently re-established contact (thanks to the magic of social networking) I knew Dale way back in the day. He’s an Eagle Scout, a National Guard vet, and Murdoc would bet he’d make a great state rep.

UPDATE: Also on the media is this:

“Once upon a time, members of the media could be counted upon to champion free expression even when nobody else would. Where the First Amendment was implicated, newspapers were willing to go to bat for everyone from neo-Nazis to Hustler magazine, and to take on powerful institutions from the Vatican to the Pentagon, often while patting themselves on the back for ’speaking truth to power.’ Yet when it comes to the Islamic question, many in the media will not even stick up for themselves. That is, to say the least, a very ominous development.”

It’s not that Murdoc is an advocate “Draw Mohammed Day” or similar crap, any more than he’s an advocate for “Piss Jesus” artwork, America-hate rhetoric, or the Alien films after the second one. But freedom of expression means freedom. It’s clear that some freedom advocates are really only advocating for some freedom and for some expressions. Namely their own.

Again, this isn’t surprising. Everyone thinks what they think because they think they’re right. The problem is when people in places of influence use their own personal opinion of what’s right to trump the law, common sense, and God-given rights.


  1. “his history of mental illness” A politician that isn’t right in the head??? I AM SHOCKED. And come on Murdoc you know you thought Sigourney Weaver was hot in Alien 3.

  2. Hey! Alien Resurrection wasn’t THAT bad!

    History of mental illness and substance abuse? Wouldn’t that qualify him to head up our national economy and nuclear weapons? LOL!

  3. Flanker,

    Don’t know anything about “Alien Resurrection” but at 68-years I know everything there is to know about an alien erection even when Sigourney Weaver’s on screen!

  4. I am a gun-toting liberal.

    I just wanted to tell you that this write up has won you major respect and credibility points in my book.


  5. Part of the popularity of railing against the Man in this country is that there is very little risk involved in this day and age. SOmeone can write his or her article about the eeevils of the Pentagon or America or the West or McDOnald’s or fillintheblank and not be kidnapped by the secret police in the middle of the night and held secretly for years. Or executed outright, for that matter.

    Criticizing muslims though means criticizing islam, which means questioning the literal word of God. That sets you up for real life, real world, actual bona fide terror, which doesn’t sit well with most people.

    So yes I think people tend to be critical of the organizations and agencies that are safe.

  6. Keep in mind if that Alien, er…………well, “thing”, goes on for more than 4 hours; you should seek immediate medical aid, or lance it with an exacto knife to bleed off excess pressure. LOL!

  7. Gotcha Flanker,

    I’ll go the lancing route.

    I tried rubbing it, but that didn’t stop the swelling from going down?

  8. Unfortunately this election cycle in Minnesota we have three candidates for Governor, Larry, Moe, & Curly.

    All of the candidates are so flawed that I wish there was a “none of the above” line on the ballet.

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