Friday Linkzookery – 22 Oct 2010

Let U-2 get shot down? Book says idea broached
That Bush and Cheney were such warmongers and this just proves it. Oh, wait…it was Clinton. Forget about it, then.

Harry Reid: But for Me, We’d Be in Worldwide Depression
Yes. He really said that.

Union Fires Stage Hand for Wearing Bush Hat and Shirt
But not only was it not a George W Bush hat and shirt, it wasn’t even Bush, Sr. hat and shirt. It was a hat and shirt for the USS George HW Bush (CVN 77) where the guy’s son serves. Union fail.

British Nuclear Submarine Runs Aground
The new HMS Astute ran aground off a Scottish island earlier today.

Ex-Secret Service officer: I almost shot LBJ
Almost took him out with a Tommy.

Bodies, mass graves found on Iwo Jima
Up to 2,000 of the Japanese soldiers still listed as “missing” may have been found in two graves.

You can tell because they didn’t shoot the dog
Three men posing as agents of the BATFE kicked their way into a home in Whistler, killed a 31-year-old man and held four others at gunpoint

U.S. Announces Massive Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
Includes 84 F-15 fighters, 70 Apache attack helicopters, 72 Black Hawk helicopters and 36 light helicopters.

Clint Eastwood: President Obama is a “nice fella,” but he’s “not a fan.”
His friends Smith and Wesson probably agree.

Dutch pilots refused to drop below their “safe” height of 5000m to rescue Australian SAS and US forces caught in an ambush in September 2008.
Book by Australian in the fight says Dutch Apache helicopters refused to come to their aid.

Trade Ya My JSFs for 100 LRStrike: RUMOR
USAF might want to cut as many 400 F-35s for 100 new long range strike planes?

Navy picks first 4 subs to get female officers
Wyoming, Maine, Georgia, and Ohio

Joint STARS demonstrates key network-enabled weapons capability
Proved effectiveness in anti-ship operations.

Air Force searching for answers as air refueling budget cuts loom
ANG and Reserve units have had operations funding cut.

Hubris, Nemesis, and Partying Like It’s 1773
I’m not the biggest Palin fan in the world, but I do find it hilarious how hard that haters work to hate.

Patriotism shocks debate moderator
Didn’t want to do the Pledge of Allegiance and whined when people did it anyway.


  1. HOLY @#$% Murdoc finally got off his ass and posted a linkzookery. I’m glad the editorial board got through to him.
    I was very interested in the “Long range strike” planes. Do you think that is something that is being worked on now?? or a project for the future? I would hope we have something now we just dont know about.

  2. Navy picks first 4 subs to get female officers

    I wonder if they mean this kind of female:

    A man was lying in bed with his new-found girlfriend.

    After having a couple of hours of GREAT sex she spent the next hour just rubbing his testicles….Something she just loved to do.

    As he was enjoying it, he turned and asked her: “Why do you love doing that?”

    “Because”, she replied………………………………….

    “I really miss mine!”

  3. That story about Apaches and a 5000m safety ceiling doesn’t make sense to me. Christ………that’s more like safety ceiling for fast movers.

    BTW: I did a short TDY to Tirin Khowt in early ’07, providing PSD for an op that was collacted at a small US fire base next to the Dutch run Uruzgan PRT. The Dutch had 6 Apache (A models) stationed there. The area was crawling with Taliban and the local ANP were riddled with sympathisers, if not 5th column agents. The Dutch Apaches routinely flew recon and harassment missions over the foot hills and mountains surrounding our bases. They never hesitated to light up “persons of interest” they often spotted while on aerial patrol. That 30mm on the apache is ******** awesome, and the Dutch simply wore out the bad guys. We never had any incidents of sniping, mortaring, or rocket attacks during my short tour there. They also voluntarily provided our mission with an armored recon platoon, to back us up when we repoed all the MGs and RPGs at the Provincial ANP HQ (after we discoverd the ******* were missing half the stuff we’d given them).

    Just goes to show how there can be significant differences in unit orientation and agressiveness. The Dutch I worked with were certainly stand up people.

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