Electrolux nukes Greenville, MI

Jennifer Granholm, the governor of my home state of Michigan, said this morning on FoxNews Sunday that manufacturer Electrolux moving 2,700 jobs to Mexico is “like a nuclear bomb going off.”

This morning’s Grand Rapids Press showed a woman who is going to be laid off getting financial information and advice. She looked unhappy, and her husband looked downright upset. I’m sure that they don’t have any idea what they’re going to do. Their life is going to change forever because workers in Mexico will work for less than $2.00 per hour. I believe that something needs to be done to address this type of situation.

However, if you compare that picture to pictures of people in Hiroshima after a nuclear bomb went off, I think you’ll see significant differences.

UPDATE: Jack Welch later compared the anti-globalization talk of the Left to the closed economies of Cuba and Soviet Russia. MO readers know that I’m fond of Cold War metaphors, but give me a break. There’s a lot of middle ground between NAFTA and Cuba.

He did, however, point out that today’s 5.6% unemployment rate is better than the unemployment rate for the decade of the 1990s. He wasn’t trying to minimize the effect of lost jobs, but wanted to get a little perspective on the situation.

UPDATE 2: Cached transcript.


  1. I worked at the Greenville Electrolux plant (when it was Greenville Products) from 7/1/74-1/2/77. My dad worked there for 44 years. His wage from them, and his & my mom’s good money handling, always put good food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a decent roof over our head. When their sister plant in Belding (they made air conditioners)went goodbye (can’t remember why) it imposed an economic hardship on the town it still hasn’t recovered from, over 20 years later! I know corporate management has a responsibility to the stock holders to show them the best bottom line they can. It somehow seems like cutting off our nose to spite our face when we do it by putting productive felow Americans out of work. If enough of that happens-no one in America will be emplyed by an American company. For that matter I bet we can get foreigners who’ll be our Senators, Representatives, and President for less! Get the drift?

  2. Yeah, it’s a shame that a corporation sees fit to throw out a whole bunch of dedicated workers into the street. It seems that if Whirlpool is able to make record profits with its American workforce, you would think Electrolux would have no problem doing likewise. I for one will never purchase an electrolux product for the rest of my life and I don’t even work for them. It’s just not kewl!

  3. I think what Electrolux has done is a shame on them.It should be against the law to think of what they have done to so many people that have worked their fingers to the bone for them and been their for so many years , and they kick them out in the street without a thought.Their only thought is how much money they make I also will never buy an electrolux product and I am sure alot of other people won’t either maybe their profits will go down that would be a pity. PROUD TO BE AMERICAN MADE AND WE WILL SURIVE WITH THE HELP OF TOGEATHERNESS AND COMPANIES THAT DON’T TAKE THEIR WORKERS FOR NAMELESS FACELESS PEOPLE THAT DON’T MATTER IF THEY ARE HERE OR GONE WE ARE AMERICANS WHO ARE PROUD TO SIGN OUR NAMES TO OUR WORK WE GAVE ALL AND OUR COMPANY GAVE A BOOT….

  4. I did work for Electrolux when they laid us off and i tell you it is a horrible thing they did. They were making tons of money they siad they just wanted more. Our profits were very high and they still went to Mexico. It is a shame when i purchased a house and have a daughter and girlfriend to take care of. Whats next? BTW Electrolux also owns Weedeater, Fridgedair, as well as huskavarnna and many other companies so if your not going to buy electrolux products try not to buy these ones as well.