We’ve suffered, but others suffer far more

The Human Cost of Terrorism

Oscar Jr. points out that 934 people in Israel have been killed by Palestinian violence since September 2000. Also noted is the fact that, if that rate were applied to the United States, we would have suffered more than 44,300 dead in the same time period.

We aren’t the only ones fighting the War on Terror. Its a war with many fronts, with many battles, and, like most wars, it’s a war with many civilian casualties.

If we fight, we must fight to win. I believe that we are fighting that way. We must also continue to fight honorably. I believe that we are doing so.

Many (including me) don’t think that Israel always fights so honorably. I’m certainly not excusing their actions, but if the United States had suffered over 40,000 dead over the past three years, I suspect that we wouldn’t be fighting so cleanly, either.