Happy Birthday, Marines

From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli:

The above photos are of Marines in Ramadi, Iraq, during a “pause” in operations for the 2004 US elections. “Paused” means something different to Marines than it means to the rest of us.

More photos of that pause here and here.


  1. Why no birthday messages for the Army, Navy, AF or CG? It seems you never forget the marines each year. When can the others expect some love?

    1. I don’t ALWAYS forget the others, and I don’t think I’ve ALWAYS done the Marines, either. It’s not intentional.

      Part of the reason is a couple of co-workers are (former) Marines and don’t let anyone forget about them. I don’t know if it’s due to these guys or if the Marines just plain make a bigger deal out of their birthday than the other services, but I often don’t realize the birthday until after it’s passed.

      Murdoc’s apologies.

      1. Keep this for your birthday planner.

        Army – 14 June
        Navy – 13 October
        Air Force – 18 September
        USCG – 4 August

  2. LOVE? 11 Bravo………..You want WHAT?

    LOVE is what God invented Whore Houses for.

    What kind of ass-kicking, grenade throwing, bayonet thrusting warfighting killer are you?

    If it’s LOVE your wanting then wait till the “Messiah” repeals “Don’t ask. Don’t tell”.

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