Don’t shoot ’til you see the blood vessels in their eyes


Wow. That guy has put almost every round on the target.

Iraqi police cadets training under US supervision. The US soldier doesn’t appear overly thrilled. (from Army Times Frontline Photos (Feb 24, 2004))


  1. I pray that they’re that close just to work on stance and hold, and that they’ll move the Iraqis back after a couple clips. Other Iraqi police seem to get it – I heard a story that one station attacked by Baathist/Al Qaida/whatever was near a 82nd post. The American troops asked if the police needed help, and they said no – just send more ammo. That’s pretty cool, in many ways.

  2. Yeah, I saw that story too and agree that it’s pretty cool. And I’m sure that they’re working on something specific in the picture. It just looked funny, especially with the way the US soldier is watching.

  3. I was taught by a former state trooper to practice quick shots from 3 feet as part of a shooting practice ‘workout.’ FBI says that most poslice shootings happen from 7 feet. Good to get the feel of point and click. Looks like they have some nice clusters going into the chest. However, I do hope they move back as part of training. Any link on the Iraqi Police story.

  4. Jones is right. The whole point of the exercise from the seven foot line, though, is to develop proficiency in instinctive shooting by not using the sights and not extending your firearm out where your adversary could potentially grab it. But, Jones, did you really mean ‘point and click’? I think you’re like me: spending way too much time in front of this PC. (just kidding)