Blackbird Assembly Line

Here are a couple of photos Murdoc came across:

blackbird assembly

blackbird assembly


  1. Most of the metal you see there is Titanium, which is worth noting because;
    1- It ain’t cheap.
    2- There’s not a whole lot of the stuff around.
    3- Most of the world’s supply was in the Soviet Union (the US government actually had to establish a front to buy it from the Reds!).

  2. Great pics. In the real world, I’m an electrical engineer who specializes in electromagnetics. The first thing that jumped out at me was all those little triangles on the edges. It was probably 20 years before the significance of that leaked out.

    And one bone to pick with Blacktail. Everything he said was true, back in the day. But since then, things have changed.

    I was making jewelry out of titanium about 15 years ago, and it was no more expensive than sterling. A little weird to work, but once you learned its personality, not a big deal either. Again, that’s all easy to do today. Not so much in the early 60’s.

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