ACE wants to Rip & Roll

We need a “Rip and Roll” Airborne

Airborne combat Engineer has an EXCELLENT post on what we need to do with the Airborne infantry. They can go anywhere, any time, very quickly. Once their boots are on the ground, however, it’s a different story.

Go check it out. Now.


  1. Thanks much for visiting ACE and for the link. While I’ll take credit for the ‘Rip & Roll’ name, Stan Crist deserves credit for his long-term lobbying for modernization of the Airborne, which really hasn’t evolved much since it was first used in WWII. He’s far more knowledgeable on the current capabilities and limitations of both the 82nd and 101st than I am. You’ll find his web pages (in annoying large, bold print) all over the net. Unfortunately, he turns people off with his constant lobbying for the M113 (which leads one to wonder if he doesn’t have some financial arrangement with the manufacturer), and his increasingly vicious attacks on the Stryker. Ignore those two things, and you can learn a lot by reading his web pages and articles. As an example, see ‘Airborne Armor’ in Special Weapons, one of those expensive special publication put out by Gun Buyer’s Annual.