HMS Invincible for Sale

HMS Invincible for sale on

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Since Murdoc was unable to secure the HMS Vengeance or a missile silo for the MO HQ, maybe the Invincible would do the trick. Click ads or something. Murdoc needs some serious scratch to score a flattop.


  1. It’s not exactly a “flat-top” since the launch ramp curves up to accomodate the Harrier jump-jet launch.

  2. Um i can get $20 a tonne at the local recycler, so thats $340,000
    for a 17,000 tonne ship.

    So if i give them $1000 for it I should make $339,000.

  3. It’s kinda cute that they allow you to add it to your wish list.

    I wonder if Santa could fit it down my chimney?

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