Friday Linkzookery – 03 Dec 2010

Iraq monthly toll lowest in a year
171 people — 105 civilians, 23 soldiers and 43 policemen — died in attacks in November. Plus 40 insurgents.

Service chiefs: Repeal DADT, but not now
Repealing it now at a time of war poses a significant risk, said three of the four chiefs — the top generals for the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force.

COIN standards for Afghanistan approved
The COIN Qualification Standards are a list of nine major skill areas with roughly 52 subtasks meant to focus units’ training before they deploy to Afghanistan.

End of the line for ethanol?
Support for the over-subsidization of corn gas is fading fast, but we’ll see how this plays out. It’s not like it will just disappear.

Military readies live-fire drills to deter North’s provocations
South Korea plans artillery drills in 29 locations.

South Korea Steps Up Arms Plans
Additional emphasis will be placed on anti-artillery radars.

Iran Protests U.S. Navy Use Of ‘Arabian Gulf’
US Navy directive obliges its personnel to refer to that body of water as the ‘Arabian Gulf’ instead of that other name.

More Arlington woes: 8 remains found in 1 grave
I haven’t been following this story. What a mess.

Dark Jupiter May Haunt Edge of Solar System
Is an unseen gas giant out there knocking things out of the Oort cloud?

257th Carnival of Homeschooling
The Tryptophan Edition at Apollo’s Academy


  1. Re: Arlington cemetery. Take the administration of this cemetery away from the Army, one of the most inept organizations around, and give it to the National Park Service or another branch of the military that doesn’t have its head up its rear.

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