Hanoi Army Museum

I happened upon this on Flickr:

Viet Nam Military Display

Viet Nam Military Display
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It’s apparently the Army Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam. The wreckage in the middle is from a B-52, an F-111, and a French transport plane. The silver Skyraider looks like a four-seat AD-5 model.

I had never seen pictures of this before.


    1. Forgot to mention that under “Exhibits/outside” you can find a description of the items in the picture.

      And apparently, it doesn’t get a lot of hits, as it pegged me as page view #25 for the Huey….

  1. The display includes an A1E Skyraider, an A1H Skyraider, a UH1D Huey, an M3 Halftrack, an M113 ACAV, an M101 105mm Howitzer, the wreckage you mentioned, an SA-2 SAM and an M107 175mm SP Gun.

    The A1E is the model CPT Bernie Fisher was flying when he won the Medal of Honor in 1964.

    1. According the Wikipedia, the A-1E and AD-5 are actually the same thing. I’m not sure that I realized how all that worked, and if I’ve got it wrong, someone let me know.

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