Jobs, and the Lack Thereof

Disappointing Job Growth in U.S. as Jobless Rate Hits 9.8%

In a significant setback to the recovery and market expectations, the United States economy added just 39,000 jobs in November, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent, the Department of Labor reported Friday.

Private companies added 50,000 jobs while the government dropped 11,000.

October was revised up to 172,000 new jobs from the previous report of 151,000.


  1. For those of you interested in the discussion of free trade, here is an interesting interview from 1994 of Charlie Rose interviewing Sir James Goldsmith about the then trade issue of NAFTA and by extension free trade in general. It really surprised me to see how this Goldsmith fellow predicted what was going to happen sixteen years ago when everyone else, except Ross Perot, was touting the benefits of free trade.

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