Friday Linkzookery – 10 Dec 2010

XM806 Lightweight .50 to be deployed in 2012
Has a higher rate of fire than the cancelled XM312.

T-72s Were Indeed Being Sent to Sudan Rebel Army
Remember when those Somali pirates hijacked a ship loaded with tanks? WikiLeaks shows us where the tanks were headed.

North America: The new energy kingdom
I’ve been a fan of shale oil since I watched a few programs on it in the late 70s.

The War on Cameras
It has never been easier—or more dangerous—to record the police.

Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime: Analysis
Too many officials think taking photos is a crime. Here’s why they’re wrong

Why the Dragon Spacecraft Success Opens a New Era In Space Exploration
The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is now the first private spaceship to reach orbit and return safely to Earth. It just splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, after a perfect mission.

Get Dirty To Avoid Depression?
All right! That’s what Murdoc is talking about. Oh, wait…they mean actual dirt. Hmm. Still sounds sort of fun.

X-37B Had Seven Collisions in Space
In seven months. None, obviously were serious enough to wreck the mission. This time.

Hold the brownies! Bill could limit bake sales
Child Nutrition bill would allow government to ban in-school bake sale fundraisers, though “Secretary Tom Vilsack signaled in a letter to House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., this week that he does not intend to do that.” Good. So take it out of the bill.

ObamaCare kills discount drug deals to childrens hospitals
I don’t remember seeing that in the commercials.

Fair To Middling
Jay Tea looks at the Left’s portrayals of a too-centrist Obama and a too-partisan Palin and points the problems with each claim. Murdoc would not call himself a big Palin fan, but he’s coming around a little more all the time.

The ultimate prank or a trick of the light?
Is this real? If so, it’s got to be one of the best PUNK’Ds ever.

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection
Only available from Time-Life DVD for now.

Super Hornet Could Launch From Electromagnet Catapult By Christmas
First full-on EMALS test could go before Santa hits the skies.


  1. Murdoc’s coming around to Palin??? While I’m no Palin detractor (or fan for that matter), there’s no way this woman has the intellectual chops or leadership and executive skills necessary to be President. Being photogenic, blurbing good quotes to the media and her circus of fans, and putzing around on “reality” TV are not job qualifications. We all should have taken that to heart given recent experience with the Obamanation (who’s photogenic, talks a good line, and quotes well). Palin certainly generates buzz, and has a large fan base (so does Lady Gaga and no one is talking Pres for ’12 with her yet), if the Elephants really think they need to coat tail on her popularity……… tip is Romney/Palin for ’12. Though putting her a heart beat away from the Presidency seems fraught with peril as well.

    If they hired an over payed consultant like me (aka Mr. Fantastic LOL)to shepard her through the executive thing………she might be OK. .)

    1. No, Murdoc would not support Palin for Pres and does not think she’s a great VP candidate, either.

      As a “face” for her side and someone to drive the other side batshit nuts, though, she’s doing a decent job. I do think I’ve underestimated her.

    2. Romney wont get past his support for the Massachusetts health care law as long as Obama care is still a hot, negative topic. Not in a Republican Primary dominated by Tea Party activism. A lot can change in a year and a half, but probably not that much.

      Better to start looking among other Repub state governors for a fresh face (nationally).

      Also, yeah, Palin does a good job pissing off liberals, so I am inclined to like her. But a president she is not. Give her a radio show with Rush or something.

  2. NJ Gov. Christie’s my main man.

    But I doubt he’d run because he’s not very well known outside the NY/NJ area……Except by the “Teacher Unions”!

  3. For my first my first triumph; as the overpaid underskilled Mr. Fantastic………..I’m recommending Christie run with this:

    Presidential Campaign poster has picture of pushing shoving pack of placard waving angry face contorted NJ teachers.

    Slogan underneath says:

    Christie ‘012………..teacher tested and approved! LOL!

  4. re Shale oil/gas article.

    There is no mention of where they will get the water to mine the shale. You need lots of steam. Would Murdoc be comfortable if the Great Lakes were drained for shale oil/gas?

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