Farewell, F-111

Australia, last Friday:

Air Force’s iconic F-111s were farewelled today at a parade at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland following nearly four decades of service to Australia. The retirement of the F-111 fleet marks a significant milestone in the history of Australian military aviation. The long range strike bombers have supported Australia’s national security by providing a potent strategic deterrent.

Australian RAAF F-111

Two retiring F-111s took part in a 'fly past' at the end of the parade.

Australia had been the sole F-111 operator since the USAF retired its last EF-111s in 1998.


  1. I always liked this plane and wondered what effect it would have had if it had been given an F-15/16 class engine. It made a big difference with the F-14 which originally used the same engine as the 111.

  2. I liked it too 11 Bravo,

    It was in a class by itself and had quite a good reord in the Nam. It was a little bit of everything from interceptor (if necessary) to long-range nuclear bomber. Yup, if the engines had been upgraded the airframes with multi-sweep extended wings to operate low and slow would still make a great Taliban killer.

    Site: http://www.f-111.net/F-111A/F-111A-in-SEA.htm

  3. On a related topic, why did we retire the EF-111 and combine the USAF crews of those planes with the Navy’s EA-6? I would think the EF-111 was a superior plane since it was based on a newer, more advanced airframe than the EA-6.

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