Instapundit on Electronic voting

Glenn Reynolds has a number of observations and links regarding what I think is going to be THE story of 2004: Electronic voting and the problems, allegations, and lawsuits that are going to accompany it in 2004.

I don’t put any stock in all the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) talk that Bush wasn’t elected in 2000. But no matter who wins this November, and no matter by what margin, similar talk will have a certain amount of merit this time around.

Mr. Reynolds links to a 2002 story of his on Tech Central Station where he suggested a revolutionary concept: Paper and pen. I’ve whined about the electronic voting issue before. In fact, my New Year’s predictions included

December: United States executive branch nearly paralyzed by claims of electronic voting machine fraud. Seventeen states demand a recount, but paperless system leaves nothing to recount.

This is going to be a mess, and the United States is going to come out of it looking very bad. Embarrassing.


  1. If the Dems didn’t want confusion and allegation over voting fraud, they should have nominated Dean. That way it wouldn’t have even been close enough for anyone to worry about. Now it looks like it may actually be an election…