Instapundit on Electronic voting

Glenn Reynolds has a number of observations and links regarding what I think is going to be THE story of 2004: Electronic voting and the problems, allegations, and lawsuits that are going to accompany it in 2004.

I don’t put any stock in all the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) talk that Bush wasn’t elected in 2000. But no matter who wins this November, and no matter by what margin, similar talk will have a certain amount of merit this time around.

Mr. Reynolds links to a 2002 story of his on Tech Central Station where he suggested a revolutionary concept: Paper and pen. I’ve whined about the electronic voting issue before. In fact, my New Year’s predictions included

December: United States executive branch nearly paralyzed by claims of electronic voting machine fraud. Seventeen states demand a recount, but paperless system leaves nothing to recount.

This is going to be a mess, and the United States is going to come out of it looking very bad. Embarrassing.