Friday Linkzookery – 31 Dec 2010

New Year’s Eve Edition

Navy awards LCS deals to Lockheed, Austal
Looks like the Navy will be getting 10 more of each LCS design.

The Bomber Question
The Air Force hasn’t been told when to begin work on a new long-range strike aircraft, or even what it should be able to do.

Army to test Marine camo variants
The Universal Camouflage Pattern is going to go away.

South gains electoral clout in Census tally
New York and Ohio each lost two seats. Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Iowa each lost one seat. Texas gained four seats, Florida gained two, and Arizona, Nevada, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia and Washington each gained one.

Backing off an arsenic-eating claim
Rather than replacing all phosphorus with arsenic, it’s only a small percentage. And even that is still up for debate. Good thing NASA made such a big deal out of all this.

Mexican violence hitting America’s salad bowl
Agricultural inspectors pulled from country causing backlogs and losses.

Hog Heaven
Paul Johnson led the rescue team to a downed F-14 pilot just as Iraqi forces were moving in.

California boy, 9, is youngest U.S. chess ‘master’
Family is from Armenia where ‘players are compared to rock stars’

McMillan M3A
18″ barreled M1A with tactical fiberglass stock and rails.

Fossil hunters uncover complete 252m year-old underwater world
A spectacular haul of 20,000 fossils including plants, carnivorous fish and large reptiles, has been found in a hillside in Luoping, southwestern China

EPA on verge of curbing use of rat poisons
Seems like a bad idea to Murdoc.

261st Carnival of Homeschooling
Making Time for Things That Matter- 2011 Planning


  1. “EPA on verge of curbing use of rat poisons”

    They didn’t learn the lesson from the ban on the DDT insecticide, did they?

  2. Army to test Marine camo variants

    I read that article you linked to on Army Times because I was interested in why the Army is still searching for a camo pattern when it appeared that Multicam was the pattern soldiers were self-selecting over their Army issued UCP. I never thought the marpat was anything special since the Canadians came out with something similar a few years earlier. I actually like the Canadian patterns.

    But what surprised me was the attitude of the usmc in regards to sharing their pattern with the other services. There is a paragraph in that story that claims the marines objected to the navy using a similar uniform because it looked too much like theirs. They were also concerned that the Army might come out with a uniform too similar.

    What kind of attitude is that? What if marpat were the best pattern available and could help save lives? Would the other services be allowed to use it, or would they have to use something inferior so the usmc could still look unique? What if the Army objected to the marines getting M1 tanks because they would look too similar to Army tank formations? What if the Army refused to allow the marines to train their tankers at the armor center at Ft. Knox for the same reason?

    In this day and age of joint operations and interservice cooperation, that attitude needs to go.

    1. About the only think I liked about the ACU’s was that I could tell soldiers from Marines. Grabbing random (non-blaze) hunting clothes off the rack at Cabala’s would produce a better uniform.

      It shouldn’t be hard to develop a decent cammo pattern that still allows us to easily distinguish between services. A slightly darker version of the Multicam would probably work great in most woodland settings.

      I love this picture:

    2. 11Bravo – You got it backward. Usually the Corps lets the Army spend an enormous amount of money, then wait to see if what they bought was worth it. The USMC kept upgrading the M60 until the M1A1 was available.

      Anything the Corps buys on their own is looked upon with extreme suspicion by the Army – such as their Light Armored Vehicle family. Instead the Army chose to spend $Billions to develop the Stryker.

      The Army had a bunch of chairborne rangers design the ACU’s and try to convince us that is was better – After the Marine Corps used enlisted input to pick their new (successful) cammo designs. They were nice and comfy, but didn’t camouflage crap.

      The story should be how much taxpayer money the Army brass has wasted – not the fact that Marines want to have a different uniform.

      1. The point is if marpat is the best available pattern and could save lives, then all the services should be able to use it. Don’t forget that marpat is very similar to the cadpat that our friends up north came out with years before. So I wonder how much of its development was based upon ingenuity versus copying somebody else’s pattern. Personally, I’d rather have the Multicam then anything else.

        If you want to talk about wasting money, I really can’t defend the Army, or the rest of the military and every other thing related to our defense and foreign policy. Out of respect for murdoc, I won’t say anything about the Stryker other than I don’t like it.

        The Army has its flaws mostly because of inept leaders, but also because it has to be the largest force and has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and fill its ranks with women and lower quality folks. That being said, I’m sure the Army has as many quality Soldiers as total members of the USMC. The problem is there are another two and half times that number who aren’t.

        But let’s not let the USMC off the hook. They haven’t done taxpayers a favor with the budget when it comes to the Osprey and the F-35B.

        1. Can’t defend the Osprey – write a damn tight contract whenever you deal with Boeing. I think of all the Marines they killed whenever they start bitching about the tanker contract.

          The F-35 sucks whatever letter it has at the end.


    11 Bravo,

    I think the USMC suffers from the “absorb them-into-the US Army, thus creating a universal ground fighting force by stealth” phobia which has been around for decades. Heck, I seem to remember President Truman came very close to that very thing back in the late 1940’s. Only the Korean War (Inchon, capture of Seoul and the Frozen Chosen to be exact) halted Truman’s ambitions. He saw the Army get their butts kicked while the USMC stood up against a 20-1 massive Chinese army assault.

    After all how can the Corps instill in the troops the motto: The Few, The Proud, The Marines when they look exactly “in their minds” like the inferior U.S. Army? Hell, they even refer to their battle clothing as “Utilities”, which differs them from the Army’s “fatigues”. Or at least those were the designations when I wore Utilities 45-years ago.

    Today it’s the same uniform……Tomorrow the same 3-Star!

  4. Interesting report…..I picked up at 0900 EST 1/2/11

    Iran has shot down two spy planes in the Gulf, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander told the
    semi-official Fars news agency.

    “Many spy planes and advanced planes of our enemies have been shot down (by our forces) … We have also shot down two spy planes in the Persian Gulf,” said commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh. “But it is the first time we are announcing it”.

    He did not say when the spy planes and other aircraft had been shot down.

    There are no further details at present.

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