Checkmate! Is that you or me?

Racist Chess

Tongue Tied notes a story about chess-based algebra. Although not everyone knows it, in chess, white always moves first.

This abstractly implies that white has a distinct advantage over black because black has to always take a defensive stand. Some see this as a continuing form of racism and want to change the rules of the game. Bill Ware, a devoted chess player, is one of these people and has come up with a new form of chess.

“By saying that white automatically is offensive, it states that white is better than black,” Ware said.

Well, if you’re determined to be offended, I guess it does.

In Algebra Chess, Bill Ware plans on removing color superiority by allowing the pieces to either be the same or different colors such as red, blue, green, etc. The determining factor on who moves first depends on what square the queen sits on.

Chess is played on a grid and each square has a variable of A-H, and a number of 1-8.

According to Ware, whichever queen sits on the square D-1, that is the team that moves first. This way, nether color has priority or an inherent right to move first.

It would be fun to watch a a game where both sides have pieces of the same color.


  1. You sure you didn’t see this on The Onion or something? Or perhaps a Michael Moore interview? I question that someone with enough brain power to learn how chess pieces move could hold this position.

  2. My chess set pieces are white and red and evidently Lewis Carroll’s was the same. Unfortunately I have this irresistable impulse to keep yelling ‘Off with their heads’ whenever I seize an opponent’s piece which is a definite mixing of allegories but nevertheless quite satisfying.