Kaplan might be on to something

I’m not Buying CNN’s Report of a Rift Between Kerry and McAuliffe

Neither am I. Go check it out.

UPDATE: I commented on Kaplans post:

Seems to me that McAuliffe is holding steady (attack dog, as MW [Michael Williams in and earlier comment] said) and that Kerry is suddenly changing direction now that he’s got the nomination all but locked up. Was Kerry REALLY aghast at McAuliffe’s AWOL remarks *at the time*? I don’t recall.

Kerry might be heading for moderateville now that the more extreme liberal side of his campaign beat out Dean, Clark, Lieberman, and Edwards.

In any event, if Kerry didn’t like the AWOL talk at the time he could have said something.

Let’s say he WAS unhappy with the AWOL remarks. He didn’t speak out, probably because to do so would have separated him from the democratic pack in a way that he didn’t want at the time. Now that he’s the only pack member, he can speak his mind. Is that admirable logic? I don’t think so.

Then let’s say he WASN’T unhappy about the remarks. To now say that he is means he’s either lying, or that he’s changed his mind. (Remember that his wishy-washiness is one of the stronger criticisms against him.) In either case, the logic also is not admirable.

I just don’t admire John Kerry. Of course, I don’t really admire President Bush all that much, either, but at least I agree with most of his policies. At least the ones I think are the most important. And if you’re not reading Kaplan on a regular basis, you should be.