Have I mentioned that I don’t like electronic voting?

The #1 Priority

Armed Liberal, writing at Winds of Change, has a great post on electronic voting. I believe it’s a must-read.

Also, the comments section of the post notes a problem with e-voting even if there is a paper “receipt” for your electronic entries, which there won’t be.

Suppose you’ve got an electronic system, that prints out a reciept, and you want to rig it. You can set the machine to randomly alter some percentage of votes for your opponent into votes for you, and accurately record that on the reciept. IN MOST CASES THIS WILL NOT BE NOTICED.

In the few cases where somebody DOES notice that their receipt doesn’t match their intended vote, they’ll have no way to prove that it wasn’t an entry error on their part, and they’ll just recast the vote, and the second time it wouldn’t be altered.

This won’t reverse a landslide, but any casino will tell you “house odds” aren’t to be laughed at.

We laugh at Saddam Hussein’s 100% victories, and at the results of the Iranian election because we know that they’re not representative of reality. Even if (and that’s a very big ‘if’) our electronic ballots are 100% accurate, WE WON’T KNOW and many people (here and abroad) WON’T BELIEVE THE RESULTS in any case.

I know this is late in the game. November is only a few months away. But I honestly believe that we must not use the electronic voting system to elect our President.

I have written about this before. Also here.

America’s credibility is at stake.

UPDATE: Andrew Olmstead, who I’ve linked to before on this subject, has some more thoughts. And I don’t think his scenario is at all extreme. Go check it out.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.