That just doesn’t seem genuinely patriotic

America’s Truck

Warning: Annoying MIDI music alert! (via Stryker Brigade News)


  1. That is sorta sad isn’t it? I’m as jingoistic as the next rightwing barbarian but that’s horrible.

  2. It’s like when the guy with six US flags on his car told the guy with only five US flags on his car to ‘Go back to Afghanistan.’

  3. Upon reflection, I can’t really BELIEVE I quoted Bill Maher in my previous comment. Was I drunk last night? I don’t remember being drunk. But, then, sometimes you don’t.

  4. Bill Maher is a funny guy. Yes, I mean both funny ha-ha and funny strange. He makes (or at least has his writers make) plenty of very good insights into the world today. Unfortunately, he does not have the ability to see things from any one else’s perspective*, which would elevate him from ‘some funny guy’ to one of the comedians that you’ll really remember for a long time. Anyway, I really like the 6 Flags Over Afghanistan joke. * Most people well entrenched in their ‘side’s’ view have this same problem.