Leaked J-20 Photos

Photos supposedly of China’s J-20 fighter prototype during ground tests surfaced last week and, because the state-run media hasn’t done anything to try and shut them down, speculation is that they’re legit.

Chinese J-20

Chinese J-20 Fighter

Chinese J-20 Fighter

Taiwan’s deputy defense minister says that the plane in the photos is not the J-20, though he confirmed that they believed China was developing a 5th-generation fighter.


  1. The canard at the front highly suggests that they’ve gone for nimbleness over stealth. (And maybe fuel economy.) This thing might be a beast in a dogfight… if it sees the F-22 coming.

    I honestly doubt they’ve got the avionics for an unstable, FBW fourth generation design, much less a fifth generation. I’m thinking this is more the pinnacle of third generation — all the good ideas of the 70’s-80’s perfected. That might be good enough. It could get some mediocre 4th gen fighters (F-16). I don’t think it stands a chance against 4.5 or 5h gen.

  2. It’s not surprising these guys are rapidly progressing. Take a high IQ population, add motivation and money, and you will probably get a competent challenger to Western nations.

    If you haven’t already heard about the C919, check it out. The Chinese are now in the airliner business. I wonder how long it will be before they make a dent in Boeing sales. It took Airbus less than 30 years before they started delivering more jets than Boeing.

    I also wonder if Boeing and Airbus will have any regrets about building aircraft plants in China and training Chinese engineers.

    1. Well, if the C919 is anything like the Chinese car that they made for export that didn’t even earn 1 star on crash ratings, I wouldn’t put a whole lot of hope into it.

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