Chernobyl area on motorcycle

Photogrphic journey into apocalypse

A friend and I were just discussing photo collections of abandoned places, and today I come across this. A 25-year-old Ukrainian biker visits the area around the Chernobyl site. Of course, the people just got up and left. In a hurry. And no one’s in a hurry to return.

If you’ve got a few minutes, go check it out. It’s eerie beyond words. (via The Politburo Diktat)


  1. Spooky, but a reminder of why we must make sure the terrorists don’t get a chance to set off a suitcase bomb in one of our major cities, leaving at least parts of it uninhabitable for hundreds of years. (As noted, the radiation count has come way down, but it’s an asymptotic curve with a long tail, approaching zero over a long time.) The Dachau images are even worse, since that was caused by a conscious human decision, not an accident. I wonder if the survivors of those who have died object to the use of the images, like some survivors of 9/11 seem to be regarding any reference to it by politicians.