‘Diamond Lil’ MiG Kill

B-52 Tail-gunner Recalls MiG Downing

The crew of the “Diamond Lil,” a B-52D, tail number 55-083, took off from Utapao Royal Thai Naval Airfield on Christmas Eve in 1972. The crew’s mission was to bomb the North Vietnamese railroad yards at Thai Nguyen as part of Operation Linebacker II, which took place Dec. 18 to 29, 1972.

However, the Diamond Lil’s crew faced enemy air power. A North Vietnamese MiG-21 raced to intercept the B-52. The bomber’s tail gunner, Airman 1st Class Albert Moore, noticed the MiG’s approach.

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‘Diamond Lil’ is now on display at the USAF Academy’s north entrance. I used to work on the Academy and I’ve been to the plane many times. I’ve always wondered what the story was about that MiG. Now I know.