USS Kittiwake

USS Kittiwake sunk in Cayman Islands to create artificial reef for SCUBA divers

Yesterday, government officials, environmentalists and the local scuba diving community came to together to sink the USS Kittiwake, a decommisioned submarine rescue vessel. The eight-year effort was capped by the vessel slowly sinking beneath the surface and coming to rest upright in 60 feet of water just off the coast of Grand Cayman Island.

According to Nancy Easterbrook of DiveTech Grand Cayman and chairman of the Kittiwake Grand Cayman committee, the vessel sank as planned and should be ready for the general public to being exploring this weekend. “It was an amazing site. She hit the bottom upright just like we had planned. This will be a major new attraction for visitors coming to Grand Cayman to scuba dive or snorkel.

The USS Kittiwake (ASR 13) was a submarine rescue vessel commissioned in 1946 and decommissioned in 1994.

Here’s a video taken by divers (via Instapundit):

Obviously not as dramatic as the sinking of the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany in 2006 but still cool.

Here is some coverage of the Oriskany:
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  1. Thanks for the story Murdoc. An old friend of mine from high school served on the Kittiwake out of the the Charleston port back in the mid 80s. I sent him a link to this post.

    Hank O (aka TheOzz)

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