Death from above via blog-guided munitions

Earlier this week, Debbye at Being American in TO posted about the arrest of Abdul Raouf Naseeb, a suspect in the bombing of the USS Cole. She mentioned the missile strike on the car of an AQ figure last year, and I commented

I agree with you, D. That Hellfire strike was righteous. Let’s do it again!

This morning she emailed me with this:

Murdoc, from our scribblings to the Pentagon’s ears!

I just saw on CNN that part of the effort to find OBK involves our favourite tactic!

God bless America, and may our enemies jump and pee themselves everytime they hear something in the sky.

To which I responded:

Some poor DoD staffer somewhere read your post and the comments on his lunch break, and later mentioned in a meeting that it was cool when we used Predators and Hellfires in Yemen.

Someone overheard that remark and suggested to some colonel who hadn’t prepared for a different meeting to say “Let’s use more Predators and Hellfires” if the general asked him what he thought.

The general did, and since the general didn’t have anything useful to add to a later discussion, he said “Those Predators with Hellfires are pretty neat.”

This morning, on a super-secret CIA/Delta Force base hidden somewhere in Pakistan, some sergeant is told to break out some Hellfires and load them onto one of the CIA’s Predators. “Why would we do that, sir?” he asks. “Don’t argue,” responds the lieutenant. “This one comes straight down from the top.”

Net-centric warfare.

And you should be keeping an eye on her blog. Good stuff. (Never mind the fact that she spelled “favorite” wrong in her email.)


  1. Hey, I’ve gone native! The real bother is trying to remember ‘defense’ for posts about American items and ‘defence’ for posts about Canadian/British/Australian items and both for colonial/post-Revolutionary items. And thanks for the link.