Friday Linkzookery – 21 Jan 2011

NATO: Afghan soldier shoots Italian troop
Just how much can we trust our Afghan allies?

2 Hood soldiers shot by Iraqi trainee ID’d
Just how much can we trust our Iraqi allies?

Welcome back, Sadr
Back in Iraq after three years in Iran following the campaign that destroyed his Mahdi Army.

Some mentors quit over new Pentagon rules
Seven retired admirals and generals hired by the military as consultants will end their advisory roles rather than comply with new regulations requiring them to divulge outside income to avoid a conflict of interest.

Navy undersecretary: Guam footprint will shrink
Vague remark about less acreage after the “buildup” is completed.

F135 Beset By ‘Screech;’ Fix Found
No worries. Why be concerned about the engine of a one-engined plane? Certainly no need for a secondary engine program.

GunPundit SHOT Show Coverage
If you enjoy the coverage only half as much as Murdoc has had providing it, that means Murdoc has enjoyed it twice as much as you.

50th Space Wing completes Phase 1 of E24
Expandable 24 will give the GPS constellation the most optimal geometry in its 42 year history.

Oshkosh delivers first FMTV
First of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles goes to the Wisconsin National Guard.

Gulf spill allowed for key warming test
Experts surprised how fast bacteria gobbled up methane, a potent greenhouse gas

New Website to Draw Attention to Trash at Arizona-Mexico Border
They mean the actual garbage left by illegal crossers.

Navy Close to Choosing Griffin Missile for LCS
Replacement for cancelled N-LOS Missile.


  1. Roger that jaymaster.

    They don’t mess around.

    The following is a commentary from an unknown news correspondent with a company from the ROK Tiger Brigade:

    “After a rare chopper assault ferrying in two companies (rare because the US could ill afford choppers for their
    seconded allies), the Republic of Korea Tiger Brigade flushed out a dozen VC suspects while I was with them. The suspects were wizened old men, too old for military service, probably VC sympathizer farmers. However, the LZ had been hot with sniper rounds. Terrified woman and children were flushed from the corn breaks claiming “no VC”, but everywhere we found fighting holes and bunkers.

    As the Commanding Officer took a couple of suspects aside to get some updated information, the US forward artillery observer and his radioman drifted off. In bad Vietnamese, the captain barked questions at the cringing suspect. I hardly saw his hands move, and the VC was doubled over, a vivid mark on his neck. Still no answer. Next time, I saw the hand move and heard the forearm break. Writhing now, but still not talking, he was led over to kneel on the edge of one of the fighting holes.

    The CO backed up a couple of paces, brought up his M-2 carbine and, with great pantomime, jacked one up the
    snout and snicked the safety off. At 15 yards he put a burst of automatic fire a millimeter to the side of the VC’s head”.

    The Koreans didn’t allow Page to photograph the incident. “I slumped off to join the Americans while the VC spilled his story. Minutes later, when I was taking a leak, he was led down the hill by three ROK’s. There was a single pistol shot and the troopers plodded back alone.

    The ROK’s did not believe you could re-educate a

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