‘Right up to the end, he was the company commander.’

‘Band of Brothers’ inspiration dies

Dick Winters died in January 2nd. The news was kept quiet until after the funeral. A public service will be held in the future.


  1. It sure is sad to see so many of my parents generation gone and going. Mr. Winters and so many of his generation sacrificed and went through so much, not just to defeat militarist Japan and NAZI Germany, but after wards when they were building our (Boomers) lives, and a great country through out the 50s and 60s.

  2. Off Topic
    TWO YEARS TO MAKE SURE ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES ARE NOT DISENFRANCHISED AGAIN….Contact every Veterans organization such as VFW. We have two years to let these government bureaucrats know we are watching them, and expect them to do their jobs to get the ballets out to our troops.

  3. Active members of the Military over seas have been protecting our rights to the death. Pay back time, spread the word let election boards know WE ARE WATCHING YOU

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