Huge Cuts in Britain’s Armored Forces?

Army’s 400 tanks may be cut to 50

In Fair Britain:

Under the plans the 400 strong fleet of Challenger 2 main battle tanks, that played a key role throughout the Iraq campaign, could be reduced to as little as little as 50 tanks, enough to equip just one regiment.

Within the next 18 months 1,400 armoured personnel carriers along with 1,200 CVRT light tanks will be sold off or scrapped. Hundreds of Warriors are to be put in storage with the force reduced from 800 to a maximum of 270 vehicles that will be upgraded in £800 million programme.

That would probably mean the end of meaningful overseas deployments for the British land forces. Hopefully the final plan isn’t nearly so brutal.


  1. The US will probably undergo big cuts too. And that might not be a bad thing. The days of empire are hopefully coming to an end.

  2. Yeah, I’m not big on the empire thing either, I’m just worried about who takes over when we call it quits.

    The Brits had the luxury of passing the baton on to a very similar country in culture, languages, and customs, not to mention strategic interests. Namely, us. Who do we give the job? ‘Cause as shitty as the job is, I’d hate to pull away from the national stage and then find out ten or twenty years later that we have to fight an awful bloody war anyway, because we didn’t intervene sooner.

  3. I guess they are going back to the days when there was always a Royal Navy (although they have cut backs too), but not a standing army. like the 1500’s.

    And war is expensive.

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