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Will Army & Marines have different service rifles?

First, ACE goes into much greater depth on the decision by the Marines to stick with the M16/M4 system rather than go with the new XM8.

With ever-tighter integration of the different services in missions, I wouldn’t think it’s a good idea for each to have its own service rifle, but, I’m not in the decision loop.

That’s a great point, and one that the all-in-one XM8 was supposed to address. But my money would be on the Marines for this sort of decision.

31 JUL 03 OIF Soldier Weapons Assessment

Secondly, ACE goes over a July report from Operation Iraqi Freedom, commenting on the M16/M4 system and the 5.56 NATO round in particular. If you’re following this debate, this post is a must-read. With pictures.

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