F-15E flies with new AESA radar

AESA F-15E Strike Eagle


Officials from the 46th Test Wing launched the fourth generation fighter for the first time with a new and improved radar system, the APG-82(V)1.

The APG-82 uses active electronically scanned array radar technology composed of numerous small solid-state transmit and receive modules. The standard radar, APG-70, is a mechanically scanned array housed in the nose of the aircraft. Although the current F-15E radar has undergone numerous updates and upgrades, it is still the same system the aircraft had on its maiden flight more than 24 years ago.


  1. I support building more F-22s to replace all of the A-D model Eagles. Yet the E model Eagle should be kept around and receive upgrades like this. The F-15E is strike aircraft equally at home doing air superiority work and has provided excellent service.

  2. This is an interesting topic. I started hunting for info after seeing it, and apparently they are doing this on some F-15c and d models too, though the radar is slightly different. Here is a good page with a summary of the various radars and upgrades for all Eagle models.

  3. With the developmental difficulties of the F35 (especially the STOVL variant), and the likelyhood of reduced, or sharply reduced military procurement of big ticket items over the next few years as our the true scope of our financial difficulties becomes apparent………….I’m thinking you guys are right. An upgraded F15E might be a much more economically attractive option than F35s (and I still think only putting a single engine into the F35 is a dumb design feature).

  4. Actually some of info I found about putting AESA radars on the C and D models indicate that will turn them into true multirole fighters. Which means the F-15c and d will become viable options along with the E model. In fact the AESA being fitted to the c and d models is the same radar that is on Singapore’s version of the Strike Eagle.

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