Site Problems?

It seems that I ran into more site problems last night. Or maybe my tracker was down. In any event, I had really poor traffic yesterday, relatively speaking.

I continue to use the free account at 1&1, but I’m quickly losing patience with the performance. I guess you get what you pay for.

I upgraded my MovableType installation to mySQL from Berkley DB, and performance on my end improved dramatically, but its still not back where it was earlier. Tech support at 1&1 doesn’t seem interested in helping at all. I can’t complain much, since the hosting is free, but isn’t the point of giving away packages to draw attention to your service, and hopefully sign up users when their free deal runs out? This isn’t the way to do that.

I will probably be moving to a new host in the near future, but (as I understand it) this won’t affect the legions of MO readers. I will be staying at even if I change hosts.

Thanks for your patience.