Friday Linkzookery – 04 Feb 2011

How can it be that Bush’s America understood the problem of repression in the Arab world, but Obama’s America ignored it until last week?
Murdoc thinks it’s because Obama’s America hasn’t thought anything through deeper than square two.

The 2A is a ‘Complication’
And only means flintlock muskets, writes an NYT columnist. Because that was the tech of the time. He wrote this on a computer for a newspaper delivered electronically around the world.

Air Force fighters prep for Super Bowl XLV
Exercise Amalgam Virgo 11-05A, a NORAD air defense exercise, was held Feb. 2 in the greater Arlington area.

And Now For The Flipside
Reverse angle of the Reagan/Obama Time Magazine cover.

Reagan took advantage of being underestimated
Speaking of Reagan.
Transformer USB
Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive 8GB
Murdoc must have. Must != Need.

Bob Corker’s New Budget Cutting Bill
Instapundit gets some feedback from Corker.

Why wait 10 years to balance the budget?
Why should Harry Reid get to make his successor figure out how to fix the budget he busted?

Chinese bid for UK aircraft carrier fails
Businessman claims he was going to turn it into a “floating international school.”

Europe’s ATV Space Ferry Ready For Launch
First operational flight of the Automated Transfer Vehicle. It can carry about three times as much cargo to the ISS as a Progress.

Much more Linkzookery below!

Drug Gang Used ATF-Enabled Rifles to Kill Agent Terry
No wonder they’re getting their budget cut.

North Korea Preps Hovercraft Assault Force
70-foot-long Kongbang hovercraft — really a serious threat?

The Goals and Means of Meth Control
What they’re doing isn’t working, so the plan is to do it MORE. And the MORE doesn’t do much to Meth users or makers, just to everyone else.

Colonel: Next Reaper Must Tackle Emerging Threats
Needs more secure datalink and be modular and upgradable.

Senate report on Hood shooting slams FBI, Army
In response, Obama’s top counterterrorism official warned against using the term “Islamic extremist” because it’s “counterproductive.” (I wish Murdoc was making that up, but he’s not.)

“We had to destroy the village in order to save it”
Apparently actually true in this case.

The 41 Independent Commando at Chosin
Royal Marine unit of 250 took 50% casualties fighting alongside US troops in the cold. Murdoc didn’t know they were there.

Belt-Fed Hydra MARCK-15 by MGI
Pics from the SHOT Show.

FRCSE painters create living history on aircraft for Naval centennial
More retro paint jobs on Navy aircraft.

Canada Seeks Sale Of Recently Bought CH-47s
No longer need their five remaining Chinooks.

Woman called ‘Jihad Jane’ pleads guilty
Described as “not the cream of the terrorist crop.”

Recreating Roman Artillery
The 105 howitzer of the ancient era.

Win A Ruger SR40 is running a Ruger SR40 contest this month

A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates
“If you’re eating Chick-fil-A, you’re eating anti-gay,” one headline read. LOL!

266th Carnival of Homeschooling
At The Informed Parent

The military can save time and thousands of dollars.


  1. The 41 Independent Commando at Chosin

    They were there alright Murdoc and they fought hard, lots were wounded and lots died.

    Here’s a good book (if you can find a copy…it’s old) that tells their story:

    Green Berets In Korea… Story of 41 Independent Commando Royal Marines in Korea

    Author: Fred Hayhurst

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