Program directors found out we basically beat the Communists already


I must admit I believe that The Onion suffers from the same bias that most media does, but I’ve got to admit that I don’t really see any problems with this one.

They did slip, though, when they said “we beat the Communists” instead of “the Communists collapsed”. I wonder how that slipped past the editors. And the “bomb everything into oblivion” theory is obviously not true, but, come on, this is HUMOR. I don’t really have any issues with The Onion saying that. It’s when the NYT reports it as fact that I get a little uppity.

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  1. The ‘bomb everything into oblivion from a safe distance’ mantra is one that REALLY bugs me, not just from the standard ‘makes me mad at the lies’ aspect, but also from a bit of sadness that we, as a country, no longer remember what a ‘serious’ war was like. (For lack of a better term.) Countless times, we’ve all heard something along the lines of ‘we bombed Iraq back to the stone age for oil’ or some variation thereof. These chants are born out of a complete ignorance of the devastation that comes from ACTUALLY bombing someplace back to the stone age. These people have completely forgotten what happened in London or Dresden in WWII, just to name a couple. (The only reason there were any cities left in Vietnam after the war is because most of the fighting took place outside the cities. The number of bombs we dropped in Vietnam is absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly staggering.) Even if you don’t believe a single word out of the Pentagon, it is still a fact that our current methods of warfare are immeasurably more precise than any wars before the Gulf Wars, and we suffer far more casualties than we would if we ‘bombed everything into oblivion from a safe distance