Whoever wins…We lose

avplogo.jpg A reader sent me the link to the latest teaser trailer for the upcoming ALIEN VS PREDATOR movie. Fairly good stuff, I guess. I’ll more than likely go see it unless word of mouth is bad.

There’s also a behind the scenes featurette with writer/director Paul Anderson of RESIDENT EVIL fame/infamy. There is a fair amount of basic situation giveaway, but very little in the way of plot spoilers. Most of the footage appears to be from the previous ALIEN or PREDATOR films, although we get a good look at some storyboards. Go check it out if interested, but stay away if you don’t want any pre-knowledge.

My biggest problem is that I just watched ALIEN: RESURRECTION (for only the 2nd time) last week and was reminded that there is no hope whatsoever for the ALIEN franchise after that.

Unless maybe they make a movie (along the lines of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE) where the plot is based upon the idea that someone is making an ALIEN movie. The Aliens aren’t special effects – they’re real. Then we get to watch the Aliens kill the writers, directors, and producers. I’d put my eight bucks down for that. Maybe twice.

It’s just so disappointing to see what I feel was a very good, well-made pair of films have their legacy trashed by cheap knock-offs. The first two ALIEN films were much more than just sci-fi thrillers.

In the case of both ALIEN and TERMINATOR, James Cameron took initial movies with cult followings and made sequels that not only were incredible in their own right, but added layers to the characters and situations from the earlier films. In both cases, despite an overwhelming amount of action, the films were really about the characters and their personal quests. And in the end, those characters reached their goals. Closure was attained, and the journey was over.

Until ALIEN 3 and TERMINATOR 3, both of which, though not completely devoid of merit, completely trashed what Cameron had worked so hard to achieve. The first two ALIENs and the first two TERMINATORs have both suffered, in my humble opinion, badly because the later movies were made. That’s too bad.


  1. there is no hope whatsoever for the ALIEN franchise after that.’ It never occurred to me that this movie was part of the Alien franchise. (Apart from sharing the same marketing and licensing.) I view AVP to the Alien/Predetor series’ what I view Thumb Wars to Star Wars: an amusing side story that was basically started by some geek saying ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ just before he rolled his D20 to make a saving throw versus some monster he was fighting at the time. Now, this new trailer makes it look like they’re actually trying to make a SERIOUS movie, which surprises me. I thought it was a joke thing like FvJ (Freddy vs. Jason). It will be much harder to make it a ‘good’ movie if it’s a ‘real’ movie.

  2. The way you use the D20 saving throw makes it sound like you’re belittling that sort of thing. If this was some fan film or something, I’d feel totally different abou it. Such as, I don’t have any problem with comic books or cartoons or even novels based on movies that take things in different directions. But making a feature film is more or less ‘official’, even if the original people have no involvement or even oppose it. What I’m really afraid of is that they’re trying to make a ‘serious’ movie but it will end up looking like Freddy vs Jason. Or, even worse, end up looking like ALIEN: RESURRECTION.

  3. You guys are dorks, first of all there is nothing wrong with roleplaying games, and AVP was awesome, it was the best movie i’ve ever seen!