Border? What Border?

Remember, we’ve been assured that the Mexican border has nothing to do with the war.

Radical Muslim Cleric Slips into U.S. Through Mexico

The Tunisian imam (Said Jaziri), who has an international criminal past, paid $5,000 to get smuggled across the border near San Diego, according to a local newspaper that says it all went down just a few weeks ago. Jaziri only got caught because firefighters in the area tipped off the U.S. Border Patrol after they saw him and a Mexican man get into a car trunk in a renowned smuggling pickup area.

If they’ve caught this one, how many got through? Is it 100-to-1? 1000-to-1?

Murdoc has trouble thinking of any issue facing America that requires more immediate attention and effort than the Mexican border.


  1. Thanks to all the volunteers like my big brother in Arizona who run border patrols on their on dime. By the way he’s not some fanatic but a Vietnam VET. who has no problems with legal immigrants just the ones who sneak in and work for less money than citizen’s of this great nation. Thanks WILD BILL

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