Is it me, or is that fear I smell?

Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry’s VP

This is a post on the Free Republic forum. I don’t think there’s any chance that McCain would run as VP to Kerry, even if the DNC would stand for it.

What I found amusing was the reaction of Free Republic readers. They’re shooting off wild, it seems to me. One even thinks McCain might have been brainwashed like the Manchurian Candidate. I commented

To be honest, the initial reaction on this board seems to be a little panicky.

That is going to stir up some strong words, I imagine.

UPDATE: Citizen Smash notes this story, as well. The comments on his post are interesting.


  1. The Smash link seems to be working now. I was having trouble posting a trackback earlier. Maybe the site was down for a few. I missed the Robolegs on Drudge. He should have linked to me. :]