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The link on Yahoo’s front page is: Fast food chain’s immigration conundrum

Chipotle Mexican Grill has a lot going for it — an upscale burrito concept, a hip and eco-friendly image, expansion plans galore and a 500 percent-plus stock price gain in just over two years.

And then it has something not going its way — a federal crackdown on its immigrant labor force that has so far forced Chipotle to fire hundreds of allegedly illegal workers in the state of Minnesota, perhaps more than half its staff there.

Reading the story, I can’t quite figure out what the “conundrum” is. I guess they mean “should they or should they not hire illegal workers?”

That’s like Murdoc’s “conundrum” of “should I steal that nice car?”

Longnecker and other experts said restaurant owners are attracted to illegal laborers because they work hard, are loyal and will go the extra mile to hold down a job.

Got nothing to do with the fact that they are cheap, does it?

The sob stories in the article admits they’re in the country illegally and that they used false documents including driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and residence permits, to get their jobs. Now that they’ve been fired “without warning,” they’re in dire straits.

Murdoc’s crying his freaking eyes out.


  1. And this article continues to propagate the myth that illegal alien=Mexican.

    My wife is involved with E-Verify for a national chain, and she says probably half the illegal’s they find are not Hispanic. They’re just as likely to be Indian, Pakistani, or Eastern European.

    But I guess a Ukrainian server wouldn’t provide the right ambiance at a Mexican restaurant. Or fit the narrative that pursuing illegals will turn off Hispanic voters.

      1. Well, she only deals with the North East/Upper mid-West, so that probably skews things a bit.

        And only people like clerks/cashiers/pharmacists, etc. No construction or agriculture. So that’s gotta skew things too.

        They’re finding 6-7% illegals on average, and that’s a huge chunk of the unemployment rate.

        In some stores, it’s almost 100%, and that’s a real problem.

        1. Yeah. I’ll bet in Arizona and Texas (and Florida) the demographics of the illegal immigrants is much more Hispanic.

          You’re right that 6-7%, spread out over all the entry-level, labor, and service jobs, is a huge chunk of the unemployment situation. Many people who are having extended problems finding work are those with few or outdated skills, and though restaurant jobs aren’t what they’d hope for, it would help pay the bills. Plus I bet we’d see better service in fast food places.

          Also, many of the jobs that the illegal workers take are the jobs that normally go to teenagers or college students working part time.

          What a mess.

  2. According to the gummint’s sources, the majority of their illegals that get caught are hispanic, and of them mostly Mexican. And another note is that SIEU is trying to intimidate and harass Chipotles because with them diming out their illegals, it affects the potential fraudulent voting block for their democrat masters.

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