Friday Linkzookery – 11 Feb 2011

Boeing, EADS submit final bids for US tanker deal
Final bid? I’ll believe that when the first tanker joins the fleet.

Block-Upgrade Strategy Can Save Money, Time: Kaminski
The “block-upgrade strategy” calls for “rapidly fielding 60- to 80-percent solutions and then subsequently enhancing capability”

Medal of Honor recipient Giunta to end Army career
Had decided not to re-enlist before he was awarded the MoH.

Officials certify first aircraft for biofuel usage
The C-17 Globemaster III has been certified for unlimited usage of hydroprocessed blended biofuels known as hydrotreated renewable jet fuels

Afghan Guards Suspected Of Attacking S. Korea Base
A rocket attack on a South Korean base in Afghanistan this week was apparently carried out by disgruntled former Afghan security personnel. No one was hurt. Luckily, the Afghan security personnel suck. Wait.

U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators
Weapons of Mass Bandwidth.

Multiculturalism will fail: Tarek Fatah
Muslim leader agrees that it has already failed in Britain and that it is failing in Canada.

Pentagon: Drones Can Stop the Next Darfur
Color Murdoc skeptical.

Slideshow: Spooky Training
Loading the 105.

Ditching unwritten rules for freshmen, Paul does it his way
Rand Paul isn’t sitting back and taking the slow approach. I don’t agree with all of his ideas in his cut $500 billion budget proposal, but who ever would? And anything that gets Senators with an R behind their name to start acting conservative would be a welcome change.

NAACP won’t directly address racism leveled against Clarence Thomas at progressive protest
Wait. Murdoc thought it was BAD to threaten to lynch black people.


  1. Good timing. About a half hour after I read the Wired article, I heard a rumble and looked out the window. It was the good ole Commando Solo flying by!

    A couple of them are based nearby, so they’re a common sight around here. I used to have a co-worker in the Air National Guard who calibrated equipment in them. I always tried to pry info out of him about what went on inside. He only mentioned that they had some of the biggest RF amplifiers you would ever see.

    That was back in the pre-internet days, so I suspect everything was radio and TV related. But I imagine setting one up as a big honkin WIFI hotspot wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

  2. The article on the strike by disgruntled Afghan guards struck a chord. As everyone knows……….you can’t buy an Afghani; you can only rent ’em. Something neither Joge Boosh, or the Obamanation apparently know. Can you say, “Hamid Karzai”?

    Good article on multiculturalism too. There’s absolute;y nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage and forebears, or speaking your mother’s tongue as a second language. No one should ever confuse that with treasonous beliefs, and homicidal intent though. Multiculturalism = Balkanisation = alienation.

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