Recent Converts to the Religion of Peace

From December: Baltimore man accused of plotting to blow up military recruiting station in Md.

A man who recently became a Mennonite tried to blow up a military recruiting station in Maryland.

Hah hah. Just kidding (which you knew):

Antonio Martinez, 21, a U.S. citizen who recently converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Hussain, declared on his Facebook page that he hates “Any 1 who opposes Allah.”

[The] FBI learned of his radical leanings on Facebook, joined his plot and supplied him with a fake car bomb that he tried to detonate, federal officials said.

Also mentioned in the article:

Last month, undercover agents in Oregon helped a man who set out to kill thousands at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony prepare a bomb (which was fake), then arrested him after he tried to detonate it in a crowded public square. In October, federal agents posing as Islamic radicals met with a Northern Virginia man later accused of plotting to bomb Washington area Metro stations.

The guy in Oregon is a Baptist and the Virginia would-be metro bomber is a Catholic Tea Party member.

No they’re not.


  1. Yah, notice how its never mentioned that they are Norwegian Athiests, right?
    Maj. Hassan = Just a nutjob
    Jerk from Oregon = Just a lone crazy
    Time Square Truck Bomber = coulda been a Tea Partier mad about Health Care [according to Bloombug]
    Loughner = Oh hes one of those crazy Right Wingers…oh wait, he worships skulls in his back yard, never mind.

    We “Right Wing Extremests” who are supposed to be sooo violent seem to be the least likely..yet we get the stink eye from the athorities…

  2. I always knew they were vicious scum! LOL!

    Your article brings back some humorous memories of my two year tour in the W. Bank. Small Diplomatic Mission….. our Force Protection was Palestinian Security Forces (all ostensibly Fatah people)……..lived in Jerusalem. I lived in a modern apartment in W. Jersalem in the heart of the area that had been hit so badly by Palestinian homicide bombers during the preceding two or three years. I’m not at all supersticious………but I have to admit to a sensation of drinking and eating with ghosts; as several of the local cafes, restauants we frequented had been victimised with terrible results. Our mission would receive frequent UK Or US Consulate advisories to avoid such and such an area in Jerusalem due to intel there was a current bombing, or security threat. All of which thankfully, never materialised. Part of our gallows humor that developed over time; in response to all this, was the standing joke of becoming Christian Homicide Bombers to get some “payback” (if need be). We’d laugh about the look of shock on our Palestinian Hosts faces as we ran in; shouted JESUS SAVES ************!!! as we pressed the switch. Oddly enough…… none of us ever did anything with it…. mostly because Homicide Bomber has such a crumby career path. LOL!

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