Friday Linkzookery – 18 Feb 2011

Unions about power, not democracy
Murdoc is shocked, shocked, blah blah blah.

Wisconsin’s Democratic senators located at hotel in Illinois
Idiots who fled state to avoid a vote are great examples of democracy in action. What losers.

Time to Start Brewing
Well, now is the moment to test this proposition. If ever there was a time for the Tea Party movement to take to the streets, it’s now in Ground Zero in Madison, Wisconsin

Wis. governor: GOP won’t be ‘bullied’ by union bill protesters
Basically tells them to “bring it on” and tells Obama to worry about his own budget rather than meddle in Wisconsin’s budget. Murdoc likes this guy already.

Gadsden Flag Bad, Egypt Flag Good
Give those Wisconsin protestors Egyptian government (either new or old) and I’ll bet they wouldn’t be so quick the carry its flag.

15 groups unite to try and stop the EPA from funding nationwide E15
Murdoc is on the fence about the ethanol thing.

New Life for Old Fighters
Looking at making them last longer.

IED toll in Afghanistan reduced by 37 percent
In January, 215 IED attacks wounded or killed troops, compared with 341 attacks that caused casualties in August. Down by over a third since August despite the number of bombs planted remaining pretty level.


M16 transition a boot camp milestone
Almost done switching over to the M16A4. Recruits will continue to train with iron sights.

The difference between pacifism and non-violence
Protest can succeed when the opponent is not willing to slaughter the protesters. So many who argue that Iraq should have had a Ghandi-type movement are ignorant of this fact.

RN Trident replacement orders under way
Some long lead-time items for the Royal Navy’s next ballistic missile subs are already on order.

Man in Afghan army uniform kills German soldier
Not sure if he was actually ANA or an imposter, but he was inside a “heavily-guarded compound” when he opened up. 8 other German troops were wounded.

U.S. walks tightrope in policy toward Bahrain violence
Bahrain is home to the U.S. 5th Fleet, and its government’s fall could scramble the strategic order in the Middle East, potentially weakening U.S. leverage and leaving Iran in a stronger position.

USAF to Industry: Bomber Must Be Affordable
They won’t buy the Long Range Strike bomber if it costs too much. Yah. Right.

Diversity Thursday
It is difficult for many who have not been there to understand the power of the Diversity Bullies in the military.

Destroyer’s mast breaks off while underway
Big Oops on USS Gravely (DDG 107).

Administration to Push for Small ‘Modular’ Reactors
The Obama administration’s 2012 budget proposal will include a request for money to help develop small “modular” reactors that would be owned by a utility and would supply electricity to a government lab.


  1. Food prices are going up globally, and the EPA is insisting we put food in our gas – and it does nothing to limit pollution. What’s not to oppose?

  2. “Wis. governor: GOP won’t be ‘bullied’ by union bill protesters.”

    I’d fire every single one of their commie asses.

    Hell, there’s plenty of unemployed/underemployed people out there willing to fill the vacencies, and they’d probably do a better job.

  3. Quite a bit of hysterical over reaction if you ask me. I was a non represented state employee for a over 25 years. Do your job well, and come to work everyday……you don need no steekin’ union! Can’t really blame’em for not being thrilled about pay and benefit cuts………but when revenue is down 25-30% you don’t have to be a math teacher to figure out that equation. To be fair; I’m sure the Governor would just as soon not have to hand out pay and benefit cuts……..but he’s got a financial mess to sort out and thats that! The pay and benefit cuts he’s asked for aren’t that bad either; compared to the rollbacks and cuts so many in the manufacturing work force have had to deal with, or the ones who just don’t have jobs anymore.

    1. hmm…that 25-30% might have had something to do with the tax cuts gov, Walker implemented. If the numbers are right, in absence of the tax cuts there would only have been a $3 million dollar budget shortfall. Progressives claim these were tax-cuts for the wealthy too. /me shrugs

      1. I’m going to need a citation for that figure please. As far as I know, Walker inherited a pass the buck budget from Doyle and was elected facing something like 3 billion shortfall.

        1. Mathew,
          They are saying it’s 3 Billion -Defecit-, caused by a $137 unresolved shortfall. Please forgive me as I was only relaying what the ‘other side’ is saying (also Wisconsin is more than half-a-continent away from me). So I dashed over to PolitFact to see what relatively unbiased reporting on the issue is like:

          hmm…Seems like Rachel M. got a slap in the face this time.

  4. Speaking as a life/career long union member who, along with many other members, was royally screwed by the CWA (Communications Workers of America) in the State of New Jersey about 22-years ago. They sold a bunch of us out (we lost our jobs…many with over 30-years service) to buy a favor from an “un-named” large telecommunications company and replaced with a bunch of college kids at half the salary.

    “A HYSTERICAL REACTION” is what’s needed in Afghanistan (bomb, bomb, bomb) and (fire, fire, fire) in Wisconsin.

    The natives in Afghanistan are literally draining the life-blood out of our military personal and the only realistic solution is to eliminate the entire population.

    Unions are, and always have been sucking the life-blood out of the American taxpayers. And it appears they have the “Messiah” currently abetting their efforts.

    The faster the operation the faster you get to go home and get on with your life.

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