Stinking Pirates

Four American hostages killed by Somali pirates

Four Americans captured by Somali pirates while sailing in the Indian Ocean have been shot and killed, NBC News reported Tuesday.

The two couples, Phyllis Macay, 59, and Robert Riggle, 67, of Seattle, and the yacht’s owners Jean and Scott Adam of California were on an around-the-world sailing trip when they were captured by pirates Friday.

Military officials told NBC News that about 1 a.m. ET shots were heard aboard the yacht, called Quest. Negotiations had been under way with the pirates at the time.

US forces boarded after they heard the shots and killed two pirates and captured 13. Two other pirates were already dead, though how they died wasn’t explained. Maybe the boaters killed them when initially attacked.

We are way past the time when these guys should be treated like criminals. They should be dealt with like pirates. And those that harbor them should be dealt with like those who harbor pirates.


  1. The Navy needs to sail into the pirates’ home port with all of them hanging from the yardarm – and procede to sink every boat and destroy everything in sight.

  2. I read about these guys the other day. They were sailing around the world handing out bibles and proselytizing and whatnot. That might not have gone over well with their captors. Would like to find out the whole story though, I doubt the missionary types killed two pirates, though I guess anything’s possible.

    Don’t we have like millions of tons of old obsolete ordinance lying around that no one knows what to do with? I mean, we could kill every last pirate and not even waste any of our good, expensive munitions. It would make good practice for our airdales.

  3. How’s about “baiting a trap” for the pirates’

    Give the yacht and a bunch of bibles to the folks at the Westboro Church and set ’em lose off the Somali coast.

    Of course, unknown to the Westboro folks the Navy Seals would place 500-lbs of C4 in the bilge with a remote detonator.

    Then when the pirates boarded the Seals push the button………BOOM…..

    Two sets of cockroaches exterminated for the price of one!

  4. Hmmm. Now if only we could add some more cockroaches into that mix. How can we get South American drug lords, crazy evangelical atheists, Jihadist fanatics, the Taliban, the North Koreans, and others in the same spot?

  5. I vote for Q-ships with SEALS onboard with miniguns. Pirate pulls up and threatens…SEALS open fire…don’t even need to clean up the bodies. Let them rot at sea for their friends to find. Dealing with pirates really is easy. You just have to care more about protecting the innocent than protecting the guilty.

    Never mind, that leaves the so called Western Civilized countries out.

  6. How about just letting private and commercial vessels arm up. Its the same principle as arming yourself because you can’t carry a cop with you. Navy and CG can’t be everywhere at once.
    “Arm yourself because no one else here will save you” – “You Know My Name” Casino Royal theme song.

  7. I can’t believe the Navy allowed 13 pirates to surrender. Generally you can surrender BEFORE bullets fly, or well after the fight has stopped. Once battle has commenced, it is rare to take prisoners.

    If they Navy had waxed those pirates in the heat of battle, it would have been justified even if they had tried to surrender during the action. Just remember how snipers are treated. If they surrender prior to taking a pot shot, they are generally taken alive. However, once a sniper takes a pot shot, he is generally not allowed to surrender. I remember seeing actual WW2 footage of GIs shooting German snipers trying to surrender after they had already engaged US forces. It was surreal seeing a GI shoot a German with a white flag at close range. But that’s part of the unwritten rules, and no one was going to charge that soldier.

    To me once those pirates murdered the Americans, the Navy was justified to use extreme prejudice. The fact they didn’t might come back to harm us because the pirates will now know we lack resolve.

  8. Couple of good points made by the rest of you, r.e. putting a stop to the pirates in the area, trying them, not taking them prisoner to begin with etc. What struck me most about this story was like the hikers being currently held in Iran, for “spying” and the recent murder of the American who was jet skiing on the lake on the Texas/Mexican border that was heavily posted as drug dealer area—-STAY OUT……….it’s a story that need not have (or shouldn’t have, in my book) happened. WTF are you doing yahting about in pirate infested waters, hiking near the Iranian border, or jet skiing on a posted lake with a recent/current history of drug dealer infestation, murder, and kidnap . Are you ******* morons??? Forget to spray yourselves with stupid proof before dancing on the edge of the active volcano crater? While none of these folks deserved what happened to them, and in a better world they should have been able to do what they did without fear………we all have to deal with the world as it is, not how we’d like it to be. Doc……….it hurts when I hit myslef in the head with this hammer………know what I mean, Vern?

  9. This story smells a bit to me.

    I wonder if some kind of botched rescue attempt or take out actually triggered all of this, and we’re just not hearing about it yet.

    Or maybe they were waiting for approval from above to attack, and things went bad before they got it?

    It just doesn’t make sense that a US ship would track/trail the pirates for days, and then jump into action because they hear gunshots on the boat.

    1. OK, I swear I’m not talking to myself here. Just following up

      I just read an NYT report (if they can be believed) that claims the pirates shot an RPG at the US ship, and I guess that would almost require a response.

      But the NYT also says that there are “few, if any” cases of Somali pirates killing hostages, and they even quote one who says “We never kill hostages”. But after about 15 seconds of googling I found that they killed 8 hostages last year, and 4 the year before.

      1. I was reading comments over on Information Dissemination, and someone there was giving the impression that the two pirates that got killed before the SEALS boarded were killed by other pirates. The issue of Khat also came up, and the nasty effects of withdrawal from that can have on the psyche. I kind of get the feeling that the pirates just fell apart as a group and went loco instead of staying cool and playing us for our usual restraint.

  10. Just let the Indian Navy take control , their rules of engagement are better. Here’s some free ammo and fuel India…

  11. My personal experiences with Irish people is largely in line with TJ’s assessment. My caveat is like any large group; it’s not monolithic though. I’ve worked with several N. Irish (whom you could successfully argue are not only politically distinct but, now ethnically as well) who were very similar in outlook to most of the posters on this Blog (they were all UK loyalists, not too surprisingly). Regardless of whether they were from the N or the Republic; I’ve found most of them to be gregarious, approachable, generally nice folks……….you just have to ignore what I term the “Care Bear Crusader” outlook of the Republic Irish. In fairness to them………..virtually all the Republic Irish I’ve met have been with NGO Aid Organizations, so they’re probably not a truly representative sampling of the Republic Irish, or their attitudes (or, maybe they are).
    TJ may rest assured that if I do celebrate St. Patties………I may get blitzed and act like adamned fool, but under no circumstances will I cavort about wearing a Leprechan hat or foam shamrock! LOL!

  12. I‘m starting to worry that maybe some pirates snatched Murdoc.

    A raiding party from the shores of Lake Michigan isn’t outside the realm of possibilities….

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