About time to start the killing?

Pirate: Captive Danes will die if rescue attempted

A Danish family captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean will suffer the same fate as four American sailors slain last week, if any rescue is attempt is made, a Somali pirate said Tuesday.

Abdullahi Mohamed told The Associated Press that he has ties with the gang holding the family — a Danish couple with three children, aged 12 to 16.

We’ve got the Navy out there running around playing police officer. That’s police officer as in “if something bad happens, try to get to the best resolution possible” and police officer as in “when seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.” It’s a no-win scenario, but it works well enough most of the time when in an environment that’s basically law-abiding.

That ain’t the waters off Somalia.

We either decide that the piracy issue is a matter of national interest and go all pro-active on those bastards and the places they live, figuring that the damage done is worth it, or we decide that the piracy issue isn’t a matter of national interest and get uninvolved right now.


  1. I’m with you Murdoc,

    Your enemy (the pirates) is your enemy till your enemy is DEAD!

    Hunt them down and kill them ALL.

    Even if they’re just motoring along catching some rays. Blow them out of the water. Keep up the killing till the remainder slink back to their hooches and roll in the Somali mud. Then use the Navy to bomb the crap out of the hooches. Keep the killing up. Don’t let a single one of those skinny, AK-47 carrying cancer cells survive.

    Sharks gotta eat too.

  2. This is what Assault Carriers are Marine Expeditionary Units were built for. Just let the Devil Dogs off their leash with relaxed rules of engagement – while the Navy puts a hole through every pirate vessel floating.

  3. As the anarchy spreads from Africa to the mid East, this kind of thing can only get worse.

  4. Hey, isn’t there a company out of Texas whos arming up cargo vessels with armed guards?

  5. hey isn’t this what the marines were invented for? and haven’t they delt with pirates in the past?

    From the Halls of Montezuma,
    To the shores of Tripoli;

  6. I get it: We need to kill the Pirates
    But what about the boat owners. Should they not be held responsible or at least culpable.
    OMG After being warned of the dangers still sailing through known pirate waters with 3 children
    on board….. Are you Kidding me
    So how about this.
    If you the captain choose to sail in those water. You are on your own. The world will not try a rescue and no ransom will be permitted.
    If you are released you will be brought up on charges and your boat seized and sold.
    If someone is harmed additional charges will be brought against you . FACT OF LIFE ……No Ships, No boats, No Pirates

  7. Thank you, Matthew! Pirates = bad. Doing stupid **** and endangering others = bad too. Stop doing it, morons!

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